window in the mountain floor

Increíble competencia la del sábado pasado💪🏻, con un resultado que no era el que esperaba, pero bueno a seguir entrenando y pulir la técnica🏋🏻👌🏻 para las próximas competencias dar el 100%👊🏻 . . Ph📸: @ignacho_hr #bouldering #climbing #boulder

We'd like you to meet Topher who's currently running our Custom Puzzle Printing department. He's been with Liberty Puzzles for eight years now and loves being a dad to his beautiful daughter. Some fantastic things about Topher: ✔️He is a Colorado native - specifically from Denver ⛰️ ✔️His favorite puzzle is Storm in the Rocky Mountains 🌩️ by Albert Bierstadt ✔️He loves sports and supports all of Colorado's teams, so much so that he recently went to the coldest opening day in all of MLB history Comment if you want to know more or have questions for Topher. #MeetOurEmployees #LibertyPuzzles #Boulder #LibertyPuzzlesFactory #PhilLewisArt #LoveTheLocal

I've been living off of iced golden milk these last few days. A handful of cashews and a splash of maple syrup or @beefreehonee blended with turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and cardamom ✨ I chose turmeric from @diasporaco, which is packaged in glass, but more importantly Diaspora Co. is committed to decolonizing the spice industry through directly trade with farmers. Check out their IG and website for a ton of really fascinating info on the history of the spice trade in the Global South and why it matters so much to support direct trade with sustainable farms. I'm really looking forward to watching this company grow, they've got cumin, cardamom and salt on deck for 2019! Not an ad. Also this straw is from a box of plastic straws I've been washing and reusing for months!

If your looking for the peak performing dirt tire.......we have a couple. . . . . . @motoztires #dessertH/T #dirtbikes #traction #motorcycles #boulder

✌🏻 out Philly. This was quite possibly the sweatiest trip I’ve ever been on 😅 2 @bulldogyogavillanova classes a day is no joke. I’m super happy to be headed back to Boulder and probably sleep forever 😴 I also didn’t realize how much I loved the mountains and living in Colorado until I travel somewhere else. You’ve really made me putty in your palms 😲🏔⛰😍🤤

We’re currently seeking designers for Condom Couture: A Cosmic Shift 🚀🌟Think you can design something out of this world? No professional experience is required, and people of ALL identities are encouraged to apply. See the link in our bio for more details! ✨

We went all googley eyed and slack kneed over this boulder of Langdon’s. Wrastle!