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BEFORE: baggy sweatshirts were L-I-F-E to me back in 2009. I lived in anything large and bulky to hide the weight I had put on • I had an obsession with drive through food (um, hello Big Mac’s! 🍔) • Working out meant walking from my car in the barn parking lot to my horses stall • I was exhausted. I felt super uncomfortable in my own skin • I started and stopped countless fitness and health programs because I couldn’t stick to anything. Depriving myself just wasn’t working • I was embarrassed to put on a pair of breeches or a tight riding shirt for fear of some stomach & thigh bulging happening • I felt weak in the saddle and was out of breath when riding. - One day, I woke up and I knew something had to change. —— AFTER: believe it or not, there’s a 30 lb weight loss difference in these photos (those baggy sweatshirts really camouflage well right? 😉 ) - I realized that deprivation is not necessary and that you can still live life AND see the results you want • I do at home 24 minute strength training workouts geared towards riding - a combo of HIIT & barre • As a result, I am stronger in the saddle and a more effective rider than ever before (no more gasping for breath!) • I eat ice cream, burgers and enjoy red wine a few times a week. - BUT most importantly? I feel more alive, sexy, energetic, confident and stronger than ever before. - If there was one piece of advice I wish I had told myself back then when I was starting and stopping so many programs, it’s this: Rather than focus on how fast you see results, focus on making the progress MAINTAINABLE and enjoyable. - If what you’re doing decreases the quality of your life, you’re doing it wrong. If you have to deprive yourself from foods you love, you’re doing it wrong. If you have a slip up and think you lost all of your progress, your mindset is going 1865% wrong. - LET ME HELP YOU! - Whether your goal is to lose fat and tone or build lean muscle and become stronger, I got you! - The Equestrian’s Edge fitness program is designed to cater your eating, workouts and mindset to not only your busy lifestyle with horses, but your goals! - More in comments! 👇🏼👇🏼

Passage to halt. Thanks Shawn Tinkham Photography for the pic of zen and I. #flapless @eqsaddlescience @sesporthorse

Cropped my face because nobody needs to see that expression 😂😂 #notevenaconcentrationface . . Ps. Ridge is in his @diamondbootsaustralia bell boots, colour white, size XL! Check out their updated website (WITH AFTERPAY) and get yours! . #riderlife #riderfeels #dressage #dressagehorse #dressagerider #fei #cdi #bigtrots #specialtrot #madisonlayfielddressage #teammld #diamondbootsaustralia #milleniarakes

Ahh finally my slave gets me! Who doesn’t like a fan on a hot day?! ☀️ ————————————————————— #horse #horses #horsesofinstagram #spoiledpony #dressage #dressagehorse #hunterjumper #showjumping #libertyhorsemanship #aqha #appendixquarterhorse #thoroughbred #summerday #summer #imduninvelvet