This is Rambo’s pal Mo... She’s teaching him how to be an ornery ranch dog 👍🏼 #huskyboxermix #akitamalamutemix #puppiesofinstagram #ranchdogs

Guard dog 🐕 on duty!!! • • You guys!!! Today has already been a tough day for the Chambers household. First...donation items get taken out of my carport late at night. Then a random guy pulls up in my driveway and asks me is the house for sale (nope sure isn’t...just have the sign in the yard for no reason). He asks how much it’s for sale for and then proceeds to ask if he can walk around my property. NO you may NOT!!! What is wrong with people these days...he didn’t have a realtor present or anything. Just a random guy! • • I was stupid to even step into the sunroom to entertain his foolishness. I have to remember safety first of my kids and myself. • • Thank goodness for oils 💧, good ole Betsy 🔫 and Luna 🐕.

This fur baby mama is finally getting the hang of balancing her social life and her babes❤️🐶 #hehadhisowncompanyover #tysonthehuskyboxermix #huskyboxermix #pupsleepover #hesgoingtosleepallday

I don't let the dogs stay in my office when I'm not in there because it's technically the cat's area (where we feed him and keep his litter box). So, when I tell Scholly it's time to go, she likes to just lay there and give me this look. Then, when she finally gets up, it's slowly with a lot of grumbling. She really inherited that Husky stubbornness. * * * #boxerhuskymix #boxerhusky #huskyboxer #huskyboxermix #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram