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Looking at glaciers from above! Absolutely breathtaking! ❤️🗻🇨🇭

Today my heart is in pieces. I’ve tried to stay away from news and social media for the reason that it seems to be all about negative events. But today i heard a audio of babies crying for their moms and dads and a ICE male employee (forgive my lack of knowledge as to whom in fact this person is or what he does for border patrol) say look we have a chorus in our hands. Referring to all the crying children. Even typing this out is making me cry. I remember as a child being at a store and loosing my mom for a couple of mins. The desperation, the anguish, the stress of not knowing where my mom was to a 6 year old Adrian was unbearable. For a long time i had separation anxiety. To think of my nephews to ever have to go through that would kill me. The inability to ask questions at that young age either because of lack of speech or language. To know that one second your with your mom or dad and the next they are gone and foreign people are ripping you apart and taking you to a cage would be traumatizing. And to my new found knowledge that they are not allowed to comfort the child. No hugging, no verbal affirmation that they will be with their parents. Nothing. People nothing. Not one fucking gesture of human fucking decency is being shown to “illegal immigrants”. It’s not the adults that worry me. It’s the children who have no choice. Who are being brought to this country by their parents whom by the way are seeking what you and i have, a better life. I have a heavy heart going to bed tonight. For i know as i said good night to my nephews tonight. They were going to lay their little heads down and have peace in their little hearts that their mommy and daddy are at arms reach. If a nightmare comes they will be held and comforted. These little ones in cages tonight don’t have the same human right. They are living the nightmare while awake and as they sleep. So please help me pray tonight for the children. Ask God to help them have peaceful and happy dreams. For they don’t have human rights tonight. That has been taken from them. May their tears befallen on me if it will give at least one night of peaceful sleep. Good night i sleep with a heavy heart tonight

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#Repost @ocasio2018 ・・・ A weak stance on #ICE is completely unacceptable in this morally defining moment. We need to take a stand and we need to do it now. That’s why I am one of the first candidates in the nation to call for the abolition of ICE.

Где-то через недельку будет 3 года, как я фрилансер - и вот только сейчас я потихоньку начинаю приходить к пониманию, а чего мне, собственно, хотелось бы снимать и с какими людьми хотелось бы иметь дело. Эти двое человечков на фото именно такие, а семейные съёмки - однозначно лав❤ Но только те, что про жизнь - настоящую. Где и поржать, и погрустить. Да, портреты на стеночку, где все смотрят в камеру, тоже нужны, но это высший пилотаж - сделать так, чтобы в этих портретах осталась жизнь.. . А ещё у меня нет фотографий с моей семьей. Есть отдельные их кадры, но их слишком, категорически мало. Кажется, пора и себе заказать съёмку)) . А у вас есть съёмка с родными? Или тоже только на телефон и то не всегда? . #moosefamily #family #ice-cream #семья #almaty #canonkz

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