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Gods Unchained, the first competitive e-sports project on Ethereum, has launched with backing from the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and wallet platform Coinbase. In an interview with CCN, Gods Unchained co-founder and COO Robbie Ferguson, spoke about the game, the decision to launch the game on the Ethereum main chain, and the process of launching an application with backing from major investors. Fuel Games, the development company behind Gods Unchained, previously launched Etherbots, one of the popular games on the Ethereum network. Etherbots operated on Ethereum as a full on-chain game, and every piece of data that was created within the game was sent to the Ethereum blockchain as one transaction. With Gods Unchained, the developers took a different approach by implementing a hybrid on-chain and off-chain system, allowing information to be processed on the main Ethereum network by batches, to prevent congesting the Ethereum network and provide users with a seamless experience. Some decentralized exchange protocols like 0x have also integrated a hybrid on-chain and off-chain system to ensure large amounts of information can be processed efficiently by leveraging the security of the Ethereum blockchain network, without clogging up the protocol. “Although all the cards are immutably stored on Ethereum, players in Gods Unchained will only ever initiate transactions on the network when they want to purchase new cards or transfer their existing ones. All other events in the game will run off-chain, allowing gameplay to be indistinguishable from other games that don’t employ distributed ledgers while concurrently permitting millions of users to play without noticeably weighing down the network,” Ferguson explained. In its equity round, Fuel Games secured an investment from Coinbase Ventures, primarily to fund the development and deployment of Gods Unchained. Ferguson emphasized that having Coinbase involved in the process of launching the first competitive game on the Ethereum network was validating, partly of the efforts of the developers and the $50 billion industry of in-game asset trading.

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