99% of my love, poured into The Minimalist Art Journal 2. It’s live. And now for my four hours of sleep 😀

sketch random de personas dando una charla • . . . . #sketch #instaart #illustration #sketchbook #mixedmedia #artstudio

A little nook growing 📖🌱

Wonderful re-use of an old swimming pool, for BMX and skate boarding. Really impressive place. Mixed media. #thesource #skatepark #bmx #mixedmedia #hastings #oldswimmingpool #reuse #adaptation #eastsussex

I spent so much time on this one and it still needs something but IDK what but i think it turned out ✨✨✨ . . #magicalgirl #magicalboy #magicalkid #pride #mixedmedia #art #artistsoninstagram

"Failure is the Mother of SUCCESS" 🎎 - the fortune cookie that changed the game. DROP A ☝🏾IF YOU FELT THAT , IF YOU DIDNT, READ IT AGAIN ☝🏾☝🏾💛💛💛 #trueStory #AjanaeNicoleArt #MixedMedia #3Dpainting #glowinthedarkart ArtAllNight #artivist

EVERYTHING LOOKS BETTER FROM UNDER A BRIM. A bit late (as usual) to the brilliant @justacard party, which is happening this week to celebrate all the brilliant independent makers and sellers out there 💛 So, here I am! Properly dressed for the occasion. Ready for some about me waffle? - the only thing I possess in greater quantities than hats is PAPER - I use it to make all my collage illustrations (although lately I’ve been experimenting with other media and doing quite a lot of black and white ink too). - a lot of my illustration work is for children (books, mags etc), but I’ve also been known to create installations and window displays, most notably the #farnesflock for @nationaltrust, and I’d love to do more — watch this space for an exciting project coming up in the autumn! 👀 - when I’m not doing freelance work I design my own range of stationery, homeware and giftware which I sell on @notonthehighstreet, @etsy, through my own site (link in bio) and wholesale to lovely indy shops 🙌 - I’m trying really hard this year to make everything new from recycled/organic materials. - I’m an illustrator because I haven’t managed to imagine being anything else but a professional drawer and writer since I was about 7 (before that, I toyed with the idea of being a bath-cleaner). - I live in a tiny village in Staffordshire where I work from a sunny, mustardy studio and am hugely inspired by the gorgeous countryside. - I have a dog called Gladys (she was called that when I got her, alright?) #kateandglad - I run, slowly, and have somehow finished 3 marathons, which is the most unlikely thing that has ever happened in my LIFE (see latest blog, link in bio again) - I sing in @lichfieldgospel and being part of that choir is the most wonderful thing in the whole entire universe 💜🎵 - I have also turned into a bit of a yoga-holic over the last 18 months, it makes my hamstrings a little bit happier and keeps my brain sane. - I never feel like I’m working hard enough. I’m probably not, really. There are SO many things I should do, and yet for the last half hour, I’ve been browsing for @topshop sunglasses.


Another mixed media face. Not sure why she is so sad. #watercolour #inks #portrait #mixedmedia #greengold

Make it happen, if your dreams don't scare you maybe they aren't big enough! #the100dayproject #misirlouart #munichartists #mixedmedia #artjournal

Got the bottom portion of the painting done, I have to think of a pattern for the rest. _________________________________ Watercolor and Ink Hot Pressed Watercolor paper Fabber Castell ink pens Winsor and Newton Watercolors 24" x 20"