Swipe left ⬅️for the 🍭 or read below 👇 . . There are nights in which the breeze has the extra charm that take you to your own cafe corner of private thoughts. You keep your work away and breathe in that moment, every essence of it. That one song is on a loop on your phone and that particular memory flashbacks. You sojourn down your memory lane and your eyes, lips and cheek move in sync with the flow of the dust of the past. These are the nights that you won't remember but they silently insert in you what your soul needs and make you ready for your tomorrow. . . Like ❤️ Comment ❤️ Share ❤️ Tag . . Follow if you like my posts @magical_memoirs . . #magical_memoirs

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Thrilled to announce my upcoming workshop at @revivcanada on August 1 at 7pm!! . Join me for some yoga and guided mediation over a beautiful sound bath by @theonlyalexandria! . We will be having @doctor.fitnik Dr. Nik Whyte talk about the benefits of IV Therapy. . I'm so passionate about how IV Therapy helped me get healthy and beat cancer. Anyone who is looking to get healthier, needs to learn more about this! . @skinhealthclinic will also be involved! You'll have a chance to pre-book skin care consultations and mini-facials with 20% off products and services. . It'll be a great night of getting zen, chit-chatting, and learning TOGETHER! . Bring your mat and see you there!!! 🤸🏾‍♀️

Day 120: About today's quote... - - - Time heals all wounds, unless you pick at them. Shaun Alexander - - - #GoyaTheMovement

Two years ago I made my decision. I was sick and tired of meeting some of the most creative minds who were not putting their talent to use! They were people who were gifted artists but procrastinated to create art, authors who would be studied upon for thousands of years but never finished the book because they were “too busy”, athletes that would be in the Hall of Fame but decided to play in the streets. I met people in the city that could change the whole landscape but believed in the limitations instead of their gifts. So I decided to quit as I was scared I was wasting my gift. . . I stepped away from a comfortable corporate job making about 65K to chase and idea! I want people to drop out from their school of limiting thoughts and enroll into living in their potential. My mom questioned it, my dad said it was stupid, some friends reminded me that my son was only one… But I knew my purpose was to speak words and provide a glimmer of hope to those who have a multimillion dollar idea but a minimum wage mentality. . . Today marks my two year anniversary since making that decision! I’m still here with the same goal, even more passion. Some progress has been made but I promise to go harder!