#nothing . . دعـــــا میکنم: از همین لحظہ اے کہ دوباره براے زندگۍ چــــشم گـــــشودی خـــــداوند گره از کـــــارت بگشاید و بہ تو قلبۍ آرام ارزانـــــے دارد صبح بخیر دوست خوبم ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️ . . ❌كي ميتونه يك شب تنها اينجا باشه ؟! من كه اعتراف ميكنم تنها نميتونم. ‼️ . #تگ كن دوستتو ❣️

#nothing better than a morning chai

I only see my goals,i don't believe in failure. #you must learn to hate,so that you can be taught to love! #pushing each other to the limit #i know my value thats why i get more. #nothing personal

02:09 , sin más que hacer, algo de mi galería. 🤔 . . . #nothing

ROAD TRIP DAY 7 From Sweetwater to El Paso What I wanna see in Marfa is PRADA Marfa. That’s so strange. The reason is there is only mountains and dessert but Prada was built. There is only PRADA store surrounded by mountains. It’s kinda funny. And the view on the way to go Marfa is so fantastic. I felt I’m in US right now!!

#Nothing is impossible.... Everything is possible whith love.....❤️❤️