A viewer can tell you about the view but a painter will tell you the feels he feel while painting that view 🤔👩🏻‍🎨 . . (Incomplete + flaws ....never reach to the finishing stage) #acrylicpainting #whenlastyoupaint #inbornartist #artistsoninstagram #paintingoncanvas #paintingtellsastory

Lost and Found 2018 This week I’ve been thinking about the word paradise and what it means to me. Postcards would be sent from places that claimed to be paradise. If you’re old enough you’ll remember Gilligan and the Skipper being stranded in paradise. I think paradise is a destination experience that you have then can’t wait to leave, then yearn for once again. Paradise gives you a break from home. Then you experience it and can’t wait to get back home. Seems like paradise is made to be dreamed of, then experienced, then forgotten, then dreamed of once again. This is my first large scale work in a while. 36in x 48in. Will get better at photographing these larger works, but wanted to share.