neptune's children. there are countless amount of people right now who are in their career fields because their parent(s) or someone else meaningful in their life told them it was the best option. Showing interests in careers that involve liberal arts, is always seen as something that will not provide for the child in the long run. We have children who want to be writers, actors/actresses, directors, dancers and so much more, yet we hinder their dream because we're scared of them not making it, without them even getting a chance to take things far. And for the children, they listen, even when those same individuals are no longer in their life, they're too afraid to go to what they love and begin to tolerate what job/career their stuck in because it supposedly is the only thing that provides everything.

Writing has always been my outlet, but I typically keep them to myself or delete them when they’re finished. Im going to try something different and put myself out there. This is an excerpt from something I wrote way back. #Gay #gaydude #gayguys #gayboy #poem #poems #poemsofinstagram #poemporn #gaycub #gaybear #gaychaser #gaychub #gaymuscle #gaynerd #blueeyes #gaydad #gaydaddy #gaydaddybear #almostthirty

And as my lover drowns in the lust of a pink river, I no longer can stopper death. I see my world cranking and stabilising every time I dream of another being in the place of my beloved. The warmth of love can light me up just as fast as the freezing water pinches my heart. The kiss of frenzy pauses time for once and for all. The comfort of laying on the withered flowers under the starlight keeps me going, just a little further. The anxiety of long lasting promises scares me. The laughter of tomorrow intrudes my today. The moment I want to keep secured in my heart becomes a joke for the wrecked. Exhausted of my own mind, I shatter into stardust. Only to be pulled back into the worldly inconvenience by a hand with my name in-scripted on the very bone. ~Love; stripped . . #poetsofinstagram #poetry #poems #writersofinstagram #poetryoninstagram #poet #poemoftheday #poemporn