Dear bestie, When the "get well soon" stays as a text and refuses to knock on the door to see me, I miss you. when the callback gets ignored for the missed calls from me, I miss you. when my daily routine hasn't got even a single listener,I miss u real bad. when my dieting plans creep on to the dinning table, I miss u. when my fears fearlessly freak the hell out of me,I miss you. And when I laugh out and say I don't miss you,I miss you like hell. I know you are a call away but still I miss you.. yours, 8k miles away whiny soul. #friend #bestie #bff #miss #away #longdistance #love #life #lonely #friendship #far #home #call #rant #openletter #thoughtoftheday #instastory #instacool #poetsofig #writerscommunity #iger #relationship #forever #stories #word #read #instapic #instagood #igsaranyaannameti

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I am just posting this because People's thoughts in 21st century still don't change. You can't change people's minds I guess... ◼Pursuing a Boy first ( straight / bisexual) ◼Boy Pursuing me first.. . . I'm going to tell some Reactions That happen even in 21st Century If boys wonder why Girls stay distant. . . Me Pursuing a boy first ( even though a lot of boys pursue me) ⚫Expecting me to be cheap & fast type of person. Girl who takes the lead. ⚫ Thinking I have shortage of men or I must be growing older/I'm ugly or insecure. ⚫Them not being able to respect my Physical space. ⚫Not willing to wait which resulting in the Breakup. ⚫Usual reaction , them acting extra Flirting with other girls too much thinking I'm not nice & pushing my buttons on purpose. ⚫ Getting mad when I don't talk to them/ ignore them. ⚫No call/ Texts. No equal enthusiasm. ⚫Not Accepting my Past. ⚫No Regret for leaving me & Acting shameless. ⚫Me taking care of their Emotions. ⚫Me doing all the work for the guy. ⚫Guy expecting me to cook even when I'm sick. ⚫ Comparing me to other girls. ⚫Always telling me he will leave me. ⚫Not tolerating my mood swings. Leaving me immediately as soon as I show mood swings. Scenario 2 Boys who Pursue me first, ⚫Guy respecting my space. ⚫Guy treating me as Potential life partner ( well usually ) ⚫ Guy calling me most of the times. Like 4-7 times in a week. ⚫ Automatically accepting my Past. ⚫Not talking about their experience girlfriends at all. ⚫Not flirting with other girls but talking to other girls. ⚫ Respecting the worth of my life. Realizing the maturity of leaving me alone and cheating on me . Having respect towards the worth of a woman's life. ⚫ Tolerating my Mood swings. Realizing it is temporary. ⚫Guy buying me chocolates. ⚫Guy taking care of my Emotions. ⚫Guy understanding not to leave me alone and make food for me when I'm sick. ⚫Always telling me he will never give up on me. #relationship #tedtalks #poetry #instagood #instacool #love #life #poet #writer# #writersofinstagram #poetry #story #artist #art

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