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NOW ON: I'M NOT A TROPHY EXHIBITION 🏆 until 30 August @yellowkorner_hongkong @caradelevingne , internationally known supermodel and actress is the ambassador of the first-ever campaign - I'm Not a Trophy, aiming at bringing awareness to the malicious acts of trophy hunting and poaching of endangered species. #imnotatrophy

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Oliver Location: London, UK Photographer: @omnistyle Live on: OmniStyle.co.uk

Put yourself on, you’ll thank yourself later. Respect can get you places that money can’t.

Got this board even before @vindiesel “XXX” Xander Cage made it cool 😎 Ps: Can you please sign my board From all 3; Xander Cage, Dom Toretto & yourself 😁 🇨🇦

There is a time for everything under the sun

Korea selatan 5 tahun belakangan ini sangat booming di Indonesia bahkan di dunia. Ketenaran negara ini dikarenakan drama korea, K-pop, Boy band dan Girl band nya. Selain itu juga korea selatan memiliki keindahan alam yang sangat menawan . Ayo mudahkan perjalanan Tours & Travel kamu ke Korea Selatan dengan pilihan paket di Wisata Muslim. Klik www.WisataMuslim.com pada bio untuk informasi paket wisata lebih lanjut. #wisatamuslim . ( Photo by : @lamdotdot )