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  1. Belkacem Seffari говорит

    Resident evil 9 : aliens wearing NBA shirts

    1. Revenant777 x говорит

      Why does bad sarcasm get the most likes… where did all the funny people go?

    2. Carlos Lewis говорит


    3. Ann Sony говорит

      You fool lol

    4. asbritt0519 говорит

      Lol now wait a min!

    5. Mr. Âńønymøús SIX GUNS говорит

      Let do the jam of the space jam welcome to the overtime welcome to the space jam!

  2. Aki Kinabalu говорит

    Re 1 : T- Virus
    Re 2 : G-Virus
    Re 3 : Ne-A Parasite
    Re 4 : Las Plagas
    Re 5 : Uroboros
    Re 6 : C Virus
    Re 7 : E- Virus Mold
    Re 8 : Werewolves
    Re 9 : Jiangshi
    Re 10 : Chupacabras

    1. BOUBACAR SOW говорит


    2. amilliarde говорит

      RE 72: stalin

    3. Ⓝⓞⓞⓑ🤪 ⓟⓛⓐⓨ говорит

      @ra yara 🤣🤣hahagaga

    4. Leandro Matheus говорит

      Re 11 : MINIONS

    5. Frost Berry говорит


  3. RapidSausage говорит

    This looks more like Van Helsing with guns than resident evil.

    1. Jack Smith говорит

      I’ll frick with it

    2. Daniel kalidy говорит

      @John K. Tis why its not about corpses anymore

    3. ZillaPrime X говорит

      The werewolves would look better then

    4. Ex8ru говорит

      Straight up lol

    5. Mounica Basava говорит

      Well resident evil is meant to scare us by any means not by zombiesonly

  4. Mr Mechaizer говорит

    The Merchant from RE4 must return.

    «Got somethin’ that might interest ya’!»
    «What’re ya buyin?»
    «Heh heh heh… Thank you!»

    1. Zelo Beho говорит


    2. kaze0fox говорит

      @James Carl Dammit! That’s why Mama Tyrant won’t stop knocking on my door!

    3. Kyle Ferguson говорит


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    5. Toonami21 hernandez говорит

      When you buy the handcannon » stranger stranger guns ain’t all about shooten it’s about reloading»

  5. The M.O.G говорит

    To be honest,the gaming world needs more werewolves,so I’m chill with this development.

    1. Dylan Dixon говорит

      You need to check out Werewolf The Apocalypse.

    2. God Saiyan5002 говорит

      Bruh THANK YOU we need more werewolf games ASAP

    3. Linken Colville говорит

      @Sgt. Digas im a little confused. Where were the witches and vampires? I genuinely didn’t see them. Maybe im just blind

    4. masterpills говорит

      @Vault 13 Oh they are going to remake it. No way they aren’t going for that cash cow

    5. Sgt. Digas говорит

      Colville indead you are.

  6. Slash the Jackalf говорит

    Least Ethan seems to have more emotion this time around.

    1. Johnny Topside говорит

      *Sees mutant abomination crawling under the house*

      “Well that’s special.”

    2. Jack Smith говорит

      @Luke Bunch that’s still dark tho

    3. Angel Kitty говорит

      @Slash the Jackalf bruh i be pissed too tf 😭 imgain your wife goes missing for 3 years only to find out she was a secert angent and you have to kill some indestructible hillbillies, molded, and have to solve some puzzles only to see the guy who saved you kill your wife.

    4. Jack Smith говорит

      @Luke Bunch I know 👍🏼

    5. Luke Bunch говорит

      Jack Smith didn’t say it wasn’t this is resident evil we are talking about it’s not meant to be lighthearted.

  7. TheSilentT говорит

    Chris: Shoots Mia
    Ethan: Whyy?!?!
    Chris: The Redfield lineage must continue

    1. Jack Smith говорит

      Mia can take a beating tho as we’ve seen in RE7 lol

    2. Erik Patricksson говорит

      @cody morris he means you lost lmao. Take the L. Also how the hell is Chris a bad guy? Is he the fool in the hat with long hair?

    3. cody morris говорит

      Kenny Davis what do you mean?

    4. cody morris говорит

      @Erik Patrickssondumbass I’m saying he looks like a bad guy. He literally shoots ethan’s wife in the trailer.

  8. TE Wrath говорит

    Ethan:Chris is that you?
    Chris:yeah let me just fire a couple of shots into Mia

    1. Rian Pratama говорит


  9. Potato Patato говорит

    Never be an unnamed NPC in Resident Evil. You literally won’t last a minute.

    1. Róger говорит

      are you talking about PORTLAND?

    2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache говорит

      therealoinjman you mean the mysterious container on the island from RE4? near the end of the game

    3. albert wesker говорит

      @therealoinjman he actually dies, you find his corpse with a zombie if you come back later (in original re3)

    4. David Jaime говорит

      false !! unless your joe baker 😉

  10. Crazed Side Studio говорит

    “The story comes to a close” *many years later…*. “Resident evil 90001: in spaaaaaace!”

    1. Ben Pratt говорит

      @Master gamer But the 3rd is what killed off the series because EA are money hungry and killed Visceral

    2. Mick man81 говорит

      Because they his hinting that chris might die

    3. Mick man81 говорит

      I’m pretty sure them mean chris might die

    4. Jes Alt говорит

      @Master gamer Cool

    5. Maximus Racellius говорит

      Plot twist umbrella space Corporation discovers dead space artifacts

  11. 5:am Fitness говорит

    How do you clearly get shot ,but yell out “friendly” and live …😑

    1. Ben Pratt говорит

      I think I remember seeing somewhere that he was involved in resi 5 or the uroborus

      I may be entirely wrong about that

    2. Tony Mercado говорит

      @Kain Cos he is infected

    3. Tony Mercado говорит

      Ethan haves the mold virus still in him so he can take shots and heal like nothing happened but yea I can see why you confused

    4. Hestaka говорит



      I was thinking the same thing spit made no since.

  12. A.D. R.M. говорит

    It first started with the zombies, then came the crazies, after that, a family of hillbillies. Now…….
    Werewolves and Vampires.

    1. Jesiel Cardenales говорит

      And zombie dog and bug

    2. MaxHinaNaru говорит

      @Penske Material It being supernatural doesn’t actually take away the science since all the events are still science being run amok. I mean look at all the trait of the virus on what it does to it victim. It a lot of supernatural and later eldritch like element. Science and Supernatural don’t have to be apart. They can exist together.

    3. Penske Material говорит

      @A.D. R.M. Yeah many things were annoying lol. And that happened to me too that I wasn’t sure if I was doing it myself or got knocked down, but I gotta say, with practice I got pretty good at dodging and purposely throwing myself to the floor to avoid getting hit, it that’s only cuz I was one of the few who kept on playing the game and have actually replayed it many times too lol, most fans I know either played it once or some didn’t even finish it. So I feel you, that’s one game that even though I find it fun I don’t necessarily defend it cuz it sort of deserves the hate lol, but I do like the controllers, the aspects I described only, all the other stuff you said are true, the item management sucked hard. And why do they give you so many skill points when you can only have 3 upgrades top per game anyway. Many flaws but I learned to find amusement in that game 😅

    4. MaxHinaNaru говорит

      @Penske Material I always said the virus are actually supernatural in orgin. That what I always believe.

    5. Penske Material говорит

      @MaxHinaNaru mmh I mean, that’s an interesting idea, maybe they used a plant that had been in a ritual or something but I hope they never reveal anything like that cuz I enjoy the whole science approach, in fact, I’ve been wanting them to bring more science back like in the originals. But I think RE8 looks good so far, let’s see how it goes.

  13. Jeremy Show говорит

    The next one: Resident Evil 9. Aliens zombie. DLC bigfoot zombie

    1. ArmigerKnight говорит

      Lol Far Cry 5 already has a bigfoot zombie.

  14. Mike Mcgrath говорит

    I’m so hype for this. 4 was my favorite and this looks like it has a similar vibe

    1. Anto Mac говорит

      4 was the worst thing to happen because it took away tank controls and gave us a bunch of action games 5 is far better than 4

    2. Klepty Snatchngrab говорит

      @Dante Salinas Supposedly that’s happening. This game really seems to be setting the groundwork for it at any rate.

    3. Dante Salinas говорит

      It was my favorite too so was really hoping for a remake

    4. black wulf говорит

      Code Veronica was my favorite.

    5. Mike Mcgrath говорит

      Klepty Snatchngrab thank you

  15. Obamium говорит

    Ethan: chris
    Chris: sorry ethan the bloodline gotta continue

  16. Ricardo Janeiro говорит


    1. Mr TAC говорит

      @minnywonka omg srslyy T-T

    2. magapiff1 говорит

      aw man

    3. minnywonka говорит

      @Evan yes

    4. Evan говорит

      Wait is that Mia on the ground?

    5. Z. Dixon говорит


  17. Televised Onryo говорит

    Capcom: So you know how we remixed Resident Evil with bayou-flavored Texas Chainsaw Massacre last game?


    Capcom: ….Ever seen Dog Soldiers?

    1. A Storm Rises говорит

      Televised Onryo awesome movie!

    2. Wolflore Schrödinger говорит

      Yeah, that movie was amazing, I wish the sequel wasn’t in development hell…

  18. gee_ говорит

    It’s just a local tale…

    Every movie/game: it’s real

  19. Skadoodle N говорит

    RE: Zero: Starting life in another world.

    1. Polish Slav gaming говорит

      A man of culture as well

    2. Skadoodle N говорит

      @C-Ekuri I wouldnt be surprise if the next RE is somewhere around space😂

    3. C-Ekuri говорит

      Chris: Leon, you gotta continue the Redfield bloodline!

      Leon: Sorry but, I love Ada.

      Chris: *triggered noises*

    4. E Ruiz говорит

      Theres already a re 0

    5. Gills Productions говорит

      Ah a fellow weeb

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