Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness | Teaser Trailer | Netflix

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Based on the Capcom video game franchise, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is a horror series with a sci-fi twist. Coming 2021 only on Netflix.


About Netflix:
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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness | Teaser Trailer | Netflix

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  1. Danish arsyad Aditya говорит

    Plot Twist : Chris was the one who planned all this

    1. BlueDragonRaven говорит

      @Li-Li Mandragon right that’s a good point, I mean the only one we know of that had a moment together was Leon and Ada in the original Resident Evil 2, in the remake that scene didn’t exactly play out like in the original. just like Claire in the original didn’t make it seem like she was into Leon that way or him to her, but in the remake when they were standing on the opposite side of the fence, there was definitely something with Claire. even Leon at certain points was giving Claire some looks. but Capcom’s way of teasing it rather than giving into the fans the one’s that ship Leon & Claire is there way of telling them, ain’t gonna happen guys. the most likely to happen is Ada, as the original is still canon according to capcom. whereas the remake is more of a retelling.

    2. Abdxxl говорит

      @Breathin Ariana i was being sarcastic lol

    3. Breathin Ariana говорит

      @Abdxxl it’s a joke, chill.

    4. Karlos Guerrero говорит

      Chris might be evil in Resident Evil: Village

    5. Li-Li Mandragon говорит

      @BlueDragonRaven I think Capcom were going going for a James Bond thing with Leon since he still pursues other women even in RE4 so while Ada is important to him she’s not necessarily the only women in his life. You’re right their definitely some bias on Capcom end since producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi pushed for Leon/Ada. Capcom do know people like Leon and Claire together so there’s still a high chance this new series will inevitably touch upon topic, and it doesn’t matter if Leon abc Claire are just platonic (Chris and Jill aren’t romantic with each other despite their close bond) all that matters is that they get screen time together to develop their relationship. Not bringing in another woman or man to get between them.

  2. Escape Raccoon City говорит

    The only update that they have given is that this takes place after RE4.

  3. Constanza Leon говорит

    When Resident Evil franchise is in danger, Leon and Claire always save the day

    1. GoldenHawkAlumni говорит

      @Lucas Menz, agree to disagree. RE7 is a better resident evil game both story wise and in terms of survival horror. RE6 served well as a conclusion to the action saga of Resident Evil, but it definitely lacked in key areas. Mainly, in originality and way too over the top.

    2. Matthew James Sherrod говорит


    3. Inocentiy the intellectual говорит

      @Lucas Menz How could you think so? Of course Yes

    4. Lucas Menz говорит

      @Inocentiy the intellectual Are you really saying that Re6 is better then Re7?

    5. Inocentiy the intellectual говорит

      @Lucas Menz Part 6 is much better than 7

  4. Gifari Chaevian говорит

    «if it isn’t ada wong, its wrong» Leon F kennedy

    1. KILLzone_565 говорит

      *Leon S Kennedy

    2. Li-Li Mandragon говорит

      Claire is fair man.

  5. Zack Z89 говорит

    i’m a simple man, i see Leon i click

    1. Muhammad Afrizan говорит

      I though it only me

    2. Gov. João Doria говорит


    3. dalton pettry говорит

      I’m a leon fan boy and I’m not ashamed

    4. Federico SNM говорит

      Me too bro

    5. Sophie Juravle говорит


  6. dat mf spidey говорит

    Starring Leon Scott Kennedy & Claire Redfield

    Directed & Produced by Chris Redfield

    1. tnXed говорит

      No it’s produced by Mr.X

    2. Kenneth Vance говорит

      Leon will John Whick every zombie. Nothing to worry about here.

    3. TheBonkerGamer говорит

      @Elias.Yoshida and the fact that Steve was the first one and the 2nd one her boss in ReRev 2 which is Fischer, but… Both of them died, huehuehuehue Capcom I see what you did there.

    4. Aarif Iqbal говорит


    5. Emanuele Bilardi говорит

      @iddqd2 drected by Albert Wesker

  7. Mauro F. Rovira Romano говорит

    I love how, no matter how the years go by, they never change Leon’s hairstyle hahaha. It wouldn’t be Leon without that cool hairstyle

    1. Constipated Parker говорит

      He should be looking like mads mikkelsen by now

    2. Kevin Hernández говорит

      Hahaha agreed

    3. Thalia Violet говорит

      Leon «Sexy» Kennedy…

  8. Depression говорит

    Meanwhile the silent hill fans r dying from lack of content

    1. Curly Sparkle говорит

      Hit the lever!!!

    2. República del Río Grande говорит

      The thing is that now videogame producers just want money money money, the old school producers cared about the sagas and they made great stories

    3. TheN1ghtwalker говорит

      @Primalchomp Konami is sitting on a lot of franchises not doing anything with them. TMNT for example.

    4. Lune- 321 говорит

      If they bring back the series, they better at least have Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn helming the soundtracks…

    5. BlueDragonRaven говорит

      @Doom Slayer ya as a DLC type of thing, but not part of the standard game.

  9. tk m говорит

    Man, these guys really can’t catch a break.

  10. May говорит

    Me like oh cool another game.
    «Only on Netflix»
    I’m sorry what now

    1. TheN1ghtwalker говорит

      They’re making VIllage right now. Have some patience.

    2. BlueDragonRaven говорит

      ah I don’t know how you get a video game out of Netflix mixed up, oh because Resident Evil characters, ah but we’ve also seen them in cgi movies and I don’t think of any game.

    3. BlueDragonRaven говорит

      @Takoshi Hitsamaru exactly what I said

    4. GGGames XD говорит

      You people do realize that Castlevania and The Witcher were two series on Netflix and they did great…….right

    5. gerhard - говорит

      @Bell Rocky i hate this «new» lion king… this is a movie with the name from the original and characters and nothing more… a movie without «charme»

  11. Tuan Tran говорит

    Cool, remove Cuties and bring back Johnny Depp’s movies and i’ll watch it.

  12. Enzo Liu говорит

    Leon: Claire!
    Claire: I know, get down right?
    Leon: Well…

    1. Frisca Ayu говорит


    2. Not Gaming говорит

      Idk man sound weird

    3. Pyromaniacist 06 говорит

      Chris: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. Cedric Wijnstein говорит

      Leon: Let’s hide in that small room!

    5. Hydrocity Harry говорит

      No, get up

  13. Shouta Magatsuchi говорит

    It’ll be great if someone would set their facial animation to 500%

  14. Mighty Murph говорит

    A whole episode will be dedicated to solving an animal puzzle. Calling it now

    1. Jeff Shanbary говорит

      Hahaha!!! all they have to do is exit and re-enter the room to reset it

  15. A-Petaled-Raven говорит

    Did anyone else notice that the house Claire is walking into the beginning is the back of the Dulvy house from RE7 and the guy Leon was looking at looked a hell of a lot like Ethan? are they picking up where RE 7 left off?

    1. Pablo Aguilar говорит

      I thought the same thing but the room Claire was in looked small so I assumed it was a different house.

    2. TheHeroofMemes говорит

      Wth we didnt see what ethan looked like

    3. Juggernogger64 говорит

      @It’s JU•Ne no that was the guest house that evie destroyed at the end of re7, the main house was quarantined and cleaned out by blue umbrella.

    4. Respect those Who deserve it говорит

      Woah you are onto something pal

    5. Kuro Neko говорит

      @It’s JU•Ne possibly related to 8 I’d say. Maybe explains why Ethan and what’s her face moved in the first. Cuz that’s without a doubt Ethan and seeing as this will be canon and just before 8 releases it’s prolly to fill in the space between 7 and 8. I imagine we’ll see what’s up with Chris too

  16. Darkswords14 говорит

    Youtube wtf you should have recomended this on day 1.

  17. Narima говорит

    Is it just me or does this Leon look much like Keanu?

  18. cheyenne hall говорит

    Claire and Leon are my two favorites in the entire franchise. I’m so excited to see them together again in a movie.

  19. CPT_ACEXP говорит

    Still wondering when the hell it’s coming out

  20. marryson123 говорит

    Spoiler alert. Leon will scream “Get down!” When he meets Claire.

    1. The4d Samurai говорит

      @Comrade Everclear iv been in a grave

    2. Comrade Everclear говорит

      @Devious stop getting your panties in a twist over a joke

    3. Comrade Everclear говорит

      @The4d Samurai since 1998 dude where you been?

    4. MrNinjafreak говорит

      @Devious It’s pretty good tbh

    5. jeremy macababayao говорит

      You right

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