Resident Evil Showcase — January 2021 | Teaser

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Tune in on January 21st 2pm PST for the Resident Evil Showcase! Be one of the first to see world-first gameplay and a brand new trailer for Resident Evil Village, plus much more Resident Evil news live as it happens. #REShowcase

Learn more:

About Resident Evil Village:
Fear surrounds you in Resident Evil Village, the eighth major entry in the Resident Evil series. With ultra-realistic graphics powered by the RE Engine, fight for survival as danger lurks around every corner.

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  1. COMBO говорит

    Covid-19 has done wonders for Resident Evil franchise.

    1. Imsure Dont ask me говорит


    2. Aurum TheBrave говорит


    3. Roll Brand говорит

      @DeanoPiano Resident Evil 3 remake is a disappointment.

    4. DeanoPiano говорит

      Besides the remake of 3, that was a disappointment and not to the standard of how good the remake of the 2nd game was.

    5. Thiago Vidal говорит

      @H3LLW4LK3R If it’s a joke, it went over my head. In fact, I have no idea what he meant.

  2. Einsley Harriot говорит

    oh no… she’s hot!

  3. TheUltimateBeing01 Presents говорит

    She’s big.
    In a lot of ways.

    1. Imsure Dont ask me говорит


    2. The Rocker говорит

      looks like The Conjuring games

    3. Z Man7 говорит


    4. Unknown B говорит

      @FEAR Operative it’s always the case when it comes to Resident Evil

    5. FEAR Operative говорит

      Probably she injected herself with an unknown virus, who knows?

  4. Roby James говорит

    I can’t explain how excited I’m right now. After seeing this.

    1. MisterMouse говорит

      Ikr, I really really hope it comes to Xbox One

    2. Roby James говорит

      @lewdmeat Exactly. You got a point. This series is just getting better and better since it started

    3. Roby James говорит

      @djktsjytej Damn RIGHT!

    4. djktsjytej говорит

      You and everyone else the moment they saw the amazon noblewoman.

  5. Sahil K Chandio говорит

    Finally capcom posts something about Resident Evil lmao I have been waiting for so long

    1. Anthony Perez говорит


    2. Imsure Dont ask me говорит


    3. Sahil K Chandio говорит

      @•Shady• they probably will announce demo open preorders and show something on resident evil infinite darkness

    4. Resunoit говорит

      Myztkl-Kev really? You got a link?

    5. •Shady• говорит

      Fr bro, I hope they say something about resident evil 4 remake as well

  6. YuriNoirProductions говорит

    get ready for «getting sucked dry» jokes

    1. Cozy Dorian говорит

      «Ok….im ready… Oh you’re twelve? Cool..thats hilarious»

  7. Matin518 говорит

    That final boss be like a Big Amazon Milk Truck

    1. MR DOGGY говорит

      I know how the final boss really is

    2. EKaminskiTV говорит

      He ment final boss seen in the clip….

    3. Einsley Harriot говорит

      i can already foresee all the SFM prons

    4. Dark One говорит

      They wouldn’t show final boss

    5. YEET TM говорит

      We don’t know if it is the final boss yet

  8. YEET TM говорит

    she has some serious ballistics

    1. Black Wazowski говорит

      @LJC1990 😂

    2. LJC1990 говорит

      @Jaime Perhaps the young lady would like to introduce herself first? before asking somebody his name…

    3. Jaime говорит

      How rude! And I don’t believe there’s any relevance with her figure and her standing! Who are you?

    4. LJC1990 говорит

      Ah I see the developers have equipped this woman with ballistics too.

    5. Knight говорит

      how rude!

  9. theonlycatonice говорит

    All I wanna do
    Is be introduced to
    A giant woman, a _giant woman_

  10. Thomas Karena говорит

    This is how they link resident evil 4 with the new titles, using the village.

  11. Mohammad Hussien говорит

    0:04 me when they announced a gameplay showcase is coming in 21th this month.

  12. Oasis говорит


    1. Puddle говорит

      @Oasis same here tall woman club! Finally have an outfit for Halloween this year! 😂

    2. Undead Officer говорит

      @Oasis my butt is huge and tall

    3. Oasis говорит

      @Undead Officer because i’m a tall woman irl

    4. Undead Officer говорит

      Oasis why the hell are you guys obsessed with her being tall

    5. Neam Raven говорит

      She’s basically female Bitores Mendez with giant gazongas.

  13. Einsley Harriot говорит

    Rule34 artists and SFM pron creators: :O

    1. 19HajimeSaitou91 говорит

      Capcom: ban

    2. Fadel G C *SkeppyMagma* говорит


    3. Mikuni11 1 говорит

      Toshi densetsu ep 3 my friend

    4. Игорь Душкин говорит

      Like Einsley would say: «He he boi», «give it a good ol’ ruble»

  14. Jason King 1381From BKNY говорит

    I see a notification from RE and im like yea that’s an automatic click!

    1. Cassandra Brooks говорит

      me too. 🙂

    2. Ivan Leon говорит

      whenever i see a RE notification
      youtube: Hello Stranger…

    3. Guntas Singh говорит

      Sadly it’s after a week from now

    4. Raul f говорит



      This is correct.

  15. varoennauraa говорит

    The tall lady makes me feel, that this could be coming to VR. Her hulking presence must feel dumbfounding in VR!

  16. Mr. Lim говорит

    0:04 She’s Beautiful 🙂

  17. Arch говорит

    Capcom CAN be so smart sometimes, you know what i’m talking about.

  18. BenchmarksIT говорит

    My boi Ethan looking towards giant vampire goddess milf : SO….. *SNU SNU then * ?

  19. Zhao Su говорит

    Lol, ain’t she just another Hachishaku preying on little boys, ‘cept she’s white now?

  20. W.C Heisenberg говорит

    0:03 THE 8 FEET TALL WOMAN….animation

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