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  1. Chris Heyward говорит

    Can Chris ever have a consistent face in the franchise?? 😂

    1. James Alderton говорит

      @1977Rider people think RE7 Chris is just a «John Doe» cover name for the agent.

    2. Willamette Anderson говорит

      are the years that far apart?

    3. joseph barker говорит

      When I seen him Shoot Mia, I was shocked Chris would kill an unarmed person….. Mia was cured of Eveline back in the previous game….. Something tells me Ethan’s gonna go after Chris for Revenge for taking his wife away like that.

    4. kaijuu говорит

      like the joker, maybe there was 3 different Chris in resident evil, just wait till capcom join forces with DC and make resident evil arkham

    5. kaijuu говорит

      @joseph barker is an absurd game

  2. Shark говорит

    Chris : Do you know what all RE protagonists have in common ?
    Ethan : No
    Chris : They’re — *shoots Mia* — all — *shoots Mia* — single — *shoots Mia*

    1. Miles Morales говорит

      gawd dammit this made me laugh so hard

    2. AnomalyINC говорит

      @ElChavesMan Not his girlfriends. technically. Just as neither Ada nor Claire is, technically, Leon’s girlfriend.
      Chris is out there creating more single men, to find someone, ANYONE, worthy of seeding his sister. Leon’s getting to him, he’s becoming desperate.

    3. ElChavesMan говорит

      What about sheeva or jill?

    4. John Cena говорит

      Is Mia the girl from 7?

    5. 罗念 говорит

      I’m ok with Ethan being single. Also Leon doesn’t have time for women anymore, Ada in RE2 was his last time falling in love.

  3. Zeke говорит

    Ethan: “Chris?”
    Chris: “Sorry, Ethan”
    *shoots Mia
    Ethan: “WHY?!”
    Chris: “Why not?”

    1. Zeke говорит

      Muhammad Farrell i hope so

    2. Muhammad Farrell говорит

      @Yan channel ah bukan deh kynya. beda banget

    3. Muhammad Farrell говорит

      not looks like Mia

    4. Melaninxsimmer говорит

      @Muhammad Farrell it is mia tf you talking about

    5. Melaninxsimmer говорит

      @Muhammad Farrell he literally screamed her name

  4. Dashing Jack говорит

    Chris is so strong that the gun doesn’t have recoil.

    1. Prayoga Pannindriya говорит

      @Comrade Everclear Ah sorry I forgot

    2. Comrade Everclear говорит

      @Prayoga Pannindriya RE7 DLC not RE6

    3. Comrade Everclear говорит

      9mm pistols don’t have much recoil as it is. Adding the silencer to the barrel also reduces that recoil.

    4. Prayoga Pannindriya говорит

      @Clemence Chatel dunno. He’s been absent since RE3. At least not in the main series. Idk if he shows up in the side stories.

    5. Clemence Chatel говорит

      @Prayoga Pannindriya Carlos Oliveira works for BSAA too.?!

  5. I B говорит

    RE4: «Over here, Stranger»

    RE8: «Who are you? Who sent you?»

    1. Tia Dera говорит

      RE4 my favorite 😊

    2. Dr shrek em говорит

      I see you have an eye for things guns ain’t just about shootin it’s about reloading

    3. John Cristovam говорит


    4. Melaninxsimmer говорит

      @† サイコPsyko whatcha the trailer 🤦🏿‍♀️

    5. Ash Collins говорит


  6. Alby King говорит

    Chris: **shoots Mia**
    Ethan: WHY?!
    Chris: _we need to continue the Redfield Bloodline_

    1. Clemence Chatel говорит

      I préfère Claire and Rebecca and S…..

    2. Johnny Cripple говорит

      I kept looking for this kind of comment

    3. Prayoga Pannindriya говорит

      @wan Forget Jill. Piers is the best boi Chris ever need.

    4. The4d Samurai говорит

      wan Jill sandwich also

    5. wan говорит

      Do not forget about Jill

  7. Spaggity говорит

    Chris: Sorry Ethan Mia wasn’t part of our deal.

    1. Robin V говорит

      Mr Salieri sends his regard

    2. Senior Ricketts говорит

      Sorry Ethan destiny still arrives

    3. Seba45 говорит

      @CHO cho pense lo mismo

    4. CHO cho говорит

      mafia 2 ?

    5. badreedine Djellali говорит

      sorry Ethan Mia isn’t the one true love

  8. Fukaze говорит

    Chris in here looks like the kind of guy who would tell a kid with glasses that he’s a wizard

    1. Megazoid говорит

      Your a wizard ethan

    2. TheCompleteMental говорит

      Goes from an Asura build to a Hagrid build

  9. Mark Fuentes говорит

    Capcom release RE6
    Fans: We don’t want an action game we need survival horror!!
    Capcom Release RE7
    Fans: We don’t want this PT clone we want a REMAKE!!!
    Capcom Release RE2 Remake
    Fans: We need a new RE multiplayer game just like Outbreak
    Capcom release RE Resistance
    Fans: No one ask for this we need RE3 remake
    Capcom release RE3 remake
    Fans: This game is short we want a longer game like RE4
    Capcom announced RE4 remake in development
    Fans: Stop remaking old games we want a new RE game
    Capcom release trailer for RE8

    Capcom listen to fans everytime😂
    😂😂but the fans don’t know exactly what they want😂😂

    1. Voez говорит

      its like the fans are different people with different opinions wow

    2. GrapeSodaSalmander говорит

      «more macaroni!»

      «*More cheese*»

    3. Clemence Chatel говорит


    4. Tia Dera говорит

      Hahahaha agree 🤣

    5. Captain Jaber говорит

      So true.

  10. Fizklin Wiedemann говорит

    Now Chris looks like he can hit a boulder again

    1. Firefly1313 говорит

      He looks like he is fat lol

    2. raidenkeify говорит

      @Max Saenz no re7 i believe

    3. Max Saenz говорит

      im afraid to ask but who the F is mia? the bitchie from re4? or wth

    4. Kadir R говорит

      I rather think he ate a Boulder

    5. honkyjesus eternal говорит

      *plays best on console on Xbox

  11. 19HajimeSaitou91 говорит


    1. Garou говорит

      Must have been a stormtrooper in a past life

    2. James Alderton говорит

      @19HajimeSaitou91 Ethan has his hand cut off with a chain saw and gets it stapled back on. Im pretty sure he’s fine.

    3. Zebra 2015 говорит

      Aim assist :disabled

    4. 19HajimeSaitou91 говорит

      Lol Ethan literally pushes his head into a shotgun
      I can’t understand this scene 🤔

    5. JustinRoblox говорит

      Friendly fire: disabled

  12. Green90759 говорит

    Ethan: WHY?!!
    Chris: That wasn’t your Mia. That was Mia Khalifa.

    1. Dr. Birdwell говорит

      actually that is not mia lol spoiled

    2. DjaniTheGamer SFM говорит

      Bruh 😂

    3. McAsh-Gamer _Official говорит


    4. Dr.Baddass говорит

      Hit or miss? guess I never miss huh

    5. Evering Hall говорит

      That’s actually why ethan Is so upset :p

  13. Chris Rnb говорит

    Resident Evil 2: X Gon Give It to Ya.
    Resident Evil 8: Were the wolves at

    1. Firefly1313 говорит

      More like
      Re8: who let the dogs out ?

  14. AK говорит

    Everybody talks about Chris and Ethan. Does anyone miss Leon?

    1. Gamer Kicks говорит


  15. GSC говорит

    Theory: Chris is a shapeshifter, thats why his face keeps changing every game

    1. Cain's Way говорит

      Ah, so then that means Chris is Sus

    2. kyle Anderson говорит

      once this releases IL get the re engine the re8 one

    3. Nathan Games! говорит

      Yeah because he was intruduce to the Siries when re5 came out and he looked pretty different too hmm..

    4. Não é o Funky говорит

      @km nope.

    5. Evering Hall говорит

      That coat he rocking he almost looks like a shorted Mr X

  16. Gloan Vergara говорит

    Ethan: Chris?!
    Chris: Sorry Ethan, Mia ate the last piece of Chocolate Cake.

    1. Baby Llama говорит

      Nah bro , she probably did something that’s a bit less , cuz if she ate the last piece of cake I’d have at least crushed her head in with a hydraulic press and ripped open her guts with my bare hands…

    2. Cain Kain говорит

      Her sin is cardinal

  17. Pervy Grandpa говорит

    chris:shoots 8 times
    ethan: whY ?
    chris: im playing with controller.
    ethan: undrstanble have a nice day.

  18. junior говорит

    Ethan: Chris.
    Chris: sorry Ethan.
    Chris shoots girl
    Ethan: why?
    Chris: You should have saved Zoe.

    1. Muhammad Farrell говорит

      @Aron T-900 but where is Joe after 3 years. Zoe suffer in 3 years

    2. General_ Hag говорит

      nice one)

    3. Castle Mein говорит

      @Aron T-900 It was Ethan who called in Chris and umbrella corp for them at the end of the DLC.

    4. Castle Mein говорит

      @Alejandro Alvarado Ethan did know, he’s the one who sent help for Joe and Zoe. Zoe and Ethan talked over the phone when Zoe was finally cured.

    5. Alejandro Alvarado говорит

      @Aron T-900 but he didn’t know that.

  19. Pastelly говорит

    Wait, one of the best, most interesting characters in the entirety of the Resident Evil universe, Ethan Winters is back?

    1. ASSASSIN DSR говорит

      Clancy was better

    2. Silver говорит

      He is an unnecessary and worst character, i hate him.

    3. SandyREfan говорит

      Ethan is the most annoying character for me, it would be much better, if they made a new one. Mia is million times more inrmteresting.

    4. Tomii AlB говорит

      I guess that was just sarcasm… if it was, i loved it.

    5. Kurt Martin G. Trajano говорит

      @cheeselord54 wonder if the reattatched left arm stitches can be still seen

  20. N 777 говорит

    Ethan: chris!?
    Chris: sorry ethan *shoots* but we accidentally become a meme material

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