Top 12 New MMORPG Android, iOS Games 2021

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New Best open world MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) for Android & iphone 2021 l VinIsHere

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All new recently released mobile mmorpg's!!
*Some of these doesn't have global version yet I'll keep you guys updated 🙂

Following are the games name & links:-

1)Devil Book:-
iOS- Soon

2)Blade & Soul Revolution (Global on 4th March):-

3)Warhammer Odyssey :- For Android links & Info visit my webpage below:-

4)LunaM ph (Softlaunched):-

5)Bless Mobile (Global):-

6)Fairy Tale: Unite Forces:- (Android & iOS):-

7)Gran Saga (Kr Release)(Android & iOS):-

8)skylore (Beta):-

9)Ragnarok x Next Generation (English version is coming) :- first beta will on March only for 2000 people

10)Soulworker Academia (Kr Release):- (Android & iOS):-

11)Naruto Slugfest X (New version):-

12)Mir4:- (Android & iOS):-

13) Ni no kuni: Cross world is also schedule to release on Q2 of 2021 (Japanese/korean) first maybe global after that
14)Moonlight Blade Mobile (for now only chinese version has been released & it's hassle to get in as it requires real chinese id & stuff)
15)Revelation (By Netease)(Cn version release)

Thanks for watching! Do check my other videos you'll find a lot of games of you're type to play.


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  1. noon говорит

    Always love the series that you make bro!

    1. fun with muvizu говорит

      Hey check out goforgames channel for more awesome and intresting games😊

  2. N O O B говорит

    40 like bro ❤

  3. Reinhard Widowitsch говорит

    skylore could be good, lets hope the devs are not to p2w focused like in warspear online

  4. one swag man говорит

    Its hard to play mmo without friends lmao

  5. Jhay Panal говорит

    First, 😊

  6. Charlie Cruz говорит


  7. Black Eagle говорит

    great gg as always but i feel sad coz no gran saga english ver yet ._. tho keep these awesome vids comin 👍🔥🔥😁😁😋

  8. Twentyeight говорит

    Loved it💙

  9. TooSlowMate говорит

    Imma let you know right now
    Mir 4 will NEVER release in english.

    1. xiao говорит

      Nooooooooo.. 😥

  10. Haward Jard говорит

    El primer hispano 👍

  11. Johnrene24 говорит

    Im an Aspiring Gaming content youtuber like you and i looked up to you and you inspired me to be better man.I watched you when you were 11k subs man hopefully you read this

  12. GM FALLEN говорит

    Tysm guys for your Hardwork ❤❤❤

    1. GM FALLEN говорит

      @fun with muvizu oh great tysm!

    2. fun with muvizu говорит

      Hey check out goforgames channel for more awesome and intresting games😊

  13. Olivia Ch. говорит

    Which country should I use if I’m gonna play the first game?

  14. Just a guy who's infected with Gura Virus говорит

    Ragnarok never gets old..but gets better with same old music from primary Ragnarok games

    I loved this game. It’s memories

  15. laro Gamer говорит

    Awsome games 👍!

    1. fun with muvizu говорит

      Hey check out goforgames channel for more awesome and intresting games😊

  16. hard mode говорит

    uh some of these are not from 2021

  17. A Vivek Kumar говорит


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  19. Open Japanese android Gameplay говорит

    Like 👍 Nice Games 2021😄

  20. MR,BEST говорит

    Online or offline?

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