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  1. Marinator говорит

    For questions join the Discord: https://discord.gg/udHnDJq

    1. Marinator говорит

      @Mario Kovacs yes

    2. Mario Kovacs говорит

      @Marinator so, basically if someone who cracked the game aswell makes a lobby, i could join him?

    3. I dont know говорит

      is the new bigfoot update???,looks different

    4. Sven link говорит

      @Marinator Says discord invite is invalid. can you send another or make one which is a permanent invite.

    5. Marinator говорит

      @Babila Fontava someone needs to make a server by co-op, if you installed the files corectly you should see it and the you can join it

  2. Indominusprism говорит

    Tnx for this i was looking for the newest version for months i finaly found it.

  3. Blaze Gamez говорит

    Wow Thank you for actualy doing this other ppl lie. Ur A good person for not leing tho.

  4. CristianCarp говорит

    work i love this video …….succesful ..

  5. Vlad говорит

    Works perfect,thanks

  6. Asterisk говорит

    it worked! thanks

  7. Venus Gaming говорит

    Works perfect, thanks

    1. M4pLe говорит

      ez bigfot

  8. Frunza Curcubeu говорит


  9. thomas говорит

    No it works just fine no virus

  10. DragoniX говорит

    obrigado amigo, você é um amigo

    1. Rindo de Tudo говорит

      Kkkkk ele nem vai entender

  11. WlmizYokGT говорит


    1. Marinator говорит

      Thanks 🙂

  12. TheMartinRox говорит

    everybody gansta till the corpse starts walking

    1. Marinator говорит


  13. Wolf PL говорит

    Hey! I have a issue with this game, when I’m host then i can’t move camera, acces menu and see hud. Any solutions?

    1. Lukiuks12 говорит

      @Wolf PL your other friend must host the server.

    2. Wolf PL говорит

      @Marinator Can you explain this?

    3. Marinator говорит

      Maybe it is an option that you host the server,

  14. Bartus Polska говорит


  15. Lilolalo говорит

    tenk ju it wörk veri gud

  16. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ говорит

    can you help me?
    my friend find my world, it says that we both playing spacewars but when he join its not load to him and its just show him the map

    1. Nikola говорит

      @Marinator what are u saying idiot lmao

    2. MrPupaaya говорит

      It does that for me and my friend too and I have a good pc

    3. Marinator говорит

      that is probably his pc, I think that he installed it wrong or he has just a bad pc.

  17. IamEspecialyDoap говорит

    omg thanks i can join my brother and hunt down the big but i mean big foot XD

    1. My penis is unbelievably small, but говорит

      omg xd so quirky you are so funny bro haha amazing joke big butt instead of big foot what an epic spelling mistake lol omg so cool you totally didn’t do that on person wow you’re so special

    2. The GamerTAG218 говорит

      i love it. big butt

  18. Chan Yong Xin говорит

    Hi,it says search failed in the lobby and i can’t get in to the server when i click into the game that my friend created,hope you can help me XD!!

    1. Alexutzuu Alex говорит

      neither does it work for me

    2. Marinator говорит

      @Hans Minoza yes

    3. Hans Minoza говорит

      is it ver 3.0?

    4. sefu говорит

      @Marinator just cant figure it out, thanks anyway <3

    5. Marinator говорит

      @sefu pfff… you need to create a server in game by co-op and then your friends can join that server. and then you start the game

  19. ice man говорит

    roses are red vilots are blue you came here to see if its true

    1. k julgen08 говорит

      And is it true couse im scared of viruses xD

  20. XspideyGamingX говорит

    Je bent zeker Nederlands heh?

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